Forged Void

A Space Sandbox MMO

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This is the official website of Forged Void, a space sandbox MMO.

The game is in an early alpha state, containing some basic features like mining, crafting, combat and exploration already.

Check out the work-in-progress section for the latest content, or join the forum to start discussions.

So... power up your shields and start your journey into an infinite, player-generated universe!


Recent Activities

  • Armynator

    Posted the thread Alliances.
    Alliances are there to give you some easy options to group up and to share your stuff. Besides that, whole map sectors can be claimed by alliances, so you can enforce your alliance laws and rules more easily.

    An alliance can be founded on pretty much…
  • Armynator

    Posted the thread The Empire Forums.
    To give you a simple way to communicate with your empire members outside of the game, every empire will automatically recieve its own sub-forum on this official game forum.

    The sub-forums of the empires are less strictly moderated than the other public…