• Please read the rules carefully and keep an eye on this topic, since we may adjust these rules in the future. You are responsible for keeping yourself updated about the current rules and the latest rule changes.

    You are always free to message one of our staff members if you have any problems or questions.

    1. The Game Client

    • You are only allowed to use an unmodified version of the official game client to connect to the game servers.
    • Any client modifications or reverse-engineering attempts won't be tolerated.
    • Using network limiters is not allowed while being connected to the game servers. (Setting an upload/download limit for your computer/the game client)
    • Abusing obvious bugs/exploits is not allowed. Report them to the project administration instead!

    2. Chat Behaviour

    The chat rules are split into 2 groups: public channels (local, global, trade, help) and private channels (private messages, alliance, empire, ...)

    While public channels are always moderated by the project staff, the private channels are only moderated in special cases.

    • Swearing, insults, racism, nazism, provocations or other personal attacks are not allowed in public chat channels
    • Discussions about politics, religion or other political events are not allowed in public chat channels
    • Asking for other players personal data (place of residence, credit card informations, e-mails, passwords, ...) is not allowed in public or private chat channels
    • Impersonating other players or staff members is not allowed in public or private chat channels
    • Threats that imply real violence or other physical actions with or against players outside of the game are not allowed in public or private chat channels

    If you feel insulted by another player (or a group of players), use the ingame ingore function. It will block communication attempts by the specified players to you.

    If you feel your life threatened by another player, contact your local authorities immediately. Also report the player to the game administration please.

    3. Ingame Behaviour

    • It's not allowed to use names or words that are against the public chat rules for ingame items, ships, sectors or stations.

    4. User Accounts

    You need an user account to play on the game server and to use all forum functions. Keep in mind that your account is owned by the project administration and that you only have been given access to it. We may remove your access to the game and your account without reason at any time. For further clarification please read our Terms of Service.

    • Your username is not allowed to violate the chat rules.
    • Every user is allowed to create a single game account. Creating or using a second account is not allowed and will result in hard punishments.
    • You are only allowed to create a new account after recieving a confirmation that your old account has been deleted completely. (This only happens if you request an account deletion, wich will take about 30 days)
    • Selling or sharing your account details with anyone else is not allowed. Only the account creator is allowed to play on the created account.

    Rule violations are usually punished by the project administration depending on the severity of the case. If you have a question about your punishment, contact a staff member or send us an e-mail to support@forgedvoid.com with more informations about your case. (Specified ban reason, your username, your point of view, etc.)

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