Devblog: The UI window system

Let's make it short: the UI is designed for flexibility and efficiency. The default skin is inspired by the website design: sharp, clean and... blue!

Windows can be minimized, resized and moved freely. This way you can play around with windows and place them in any position you want.


The first version of the window system also directly comes with a integrated skin system. Don't like blue? No worries! You can choose from different preset skins, or even create your own one!

Skins are loaded from XML files. You can define your own colors and rules in the file, and share it with your friends or other players.


And this is just the beginning. There are so many more possibilities for the future: custom textures and sprites for the UI, own fonts, an integrated ingame UI editor, ...

The possibilities are endless for this, just like it should be in a true sandbox game :)

Please keep in mind that this is the first early version of the UI window system. Many things are still changing and improving, and nothing in this game is ever final, since there is always room for improvements.

Also note that the shown changes may still get reworked or completely abandoned at any time without further notice.

The Devblog series is here to inform you about the latest development plans for the game.

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